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Power of Light 2n1 Glamour Photography Workshop, for Glamour and Boudoir Photographers
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“Where Stars are Born and Artists Connect”

⚡ Did your camera purchase not automatically come with all those beautiful images you envisioned?

Now you can learn the secrets of Lighting, Composition, and Photoshop from Internationally Published and Award Winning Photographer Seth Garcia. Shoot any location day or night regardless of the lighting conditions.  Since 2003, formerly called “A+ Super Shoots”, Seth Garcia has inspired many; helping models get noticed, published and find work, now he also teaches photographers of all skill levels his Power of Lighting and Photoshop techniques, tips, tricks. He is honored to have given seminars to the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in New York and Pennsylvania, just to name a few of his now two dozen plus workshop seminars given. Take your work to new levels with this 2n1 Power-of-Light, and Power-of-Photoshop Photographer Workshop. Browse the Showcased images from his many on-location Fashion & Glamour model shoots: iModel-Network – Power-of-Light – Showcase. This is the Most Complete and Informative Digital Workshop for Photographers simply because; (1)the other workshop’s instructors can’t truly “show” you how their magazine staff finished their images, and (2)because the 2in1 Power of Light Digital Photography Workshop is not a ‘shoot’em up social’ . Quite the contrary at a Seth Garcia Power of Light Workshop, my information is always complete, straight up, to the point and Guaranteed to dazzle the most demanding creative minds, taking your shooting, lighting and image processing skills to new levels.

⚡ The Student is always the Creative Director at a Seth Garcia Power of Light Workshop!

Seth Garcia believes teaching by example, then allowing the student to participate hands on, is the best learning method. Therefore when we meet, we begin by discussing all our location options, we then allow the students to decide the day’s agenda for us. We go to the first location, set up, shoot, then after 3-4 rotations each, we break down and go to the next location and repeat, answering every question regarding the whole setup process. There are NO pre-made sets, all lights are placed and calibrated and explained by Seth Garcia Photography so the student can see first hand how easy it is to work with 4,5,6-8 calibrated lights at a time.
At the end of the day, we finish up by discussing finishing methods and the breaking of rules that separate the artist from the photographer. ✨The most intellectual workshop for photographers has gotten even smarter: PowerofLightWorkshop.Com

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Read what others have to say about the Power of Light 2in1 Workshop…

‘Seth, you have created a reputable brand with your workshops. I can contest to that and I have been to a few different workshops. Yours was one of the best I’ve been to. It was a learning experience from the start to the finish in post processing. Most workshops are for portfolio building but didn’t explain why we were doing what we did. I always tell other photographers about my experience at your workshop.’~Troy Tribble Photography

‘Seth..  What I do is try to learn from every photographer to create my own style. I’m not sure if I really have a style, but I think my voice is consistent in a lot of my work. What you do is way beyond my comprehension so instead of trying to copy it like a lot of other photogs try doing, I just look at the composition and expression and take those points home as to what makes a good picture. I think so many photogs miss the “expression” and “feel” of images. There’s a feel that I like about your work that is independent of all the technical aspects of it.’  ~Daniel Patrick McBride

‘Seth, I was most impressed by the workshop. A steal for the money invested. I learned a ton about lighting and how simple it can be instead of the 5 headed monster I have tried to make it. Posing is something I struggle with. It was obvious that some of the girls knew what to do and how to do it in front of the camera. For those who were a little lost, you directed them into very natural and provocative poses. I read you loud and clear on the topics. The lighting and posing were just what I was seeking. Really looking forward to doing an outside shoot at the next one and seeing how you do that. I have several friends who were upset that they didn’t know about this. They will next time. I have been teaching photography since the early 80’s. None of mine was about strobes or lighting but either the basics or composition or nature or similar. I feel like you opened up several windows of opportunity for me this weekend. I just need to get my lights out and do some trial runs before launching off into this. Again, THANKS for a great day of learning. It was fantastic! ‘ ~Jim Griggs

‘Seth, Your seminar in Fayetteville, AR was everything I had hoped for, clear and to the point. The demonstrations of lighting equipment for model shots and showing us how you get those beautiful lighting ratios was beyond exciting. I have all the equipment, I had never thought of using the way you do, I put your lighting techniques to work at the “AR” shoot and am very pleased with the result. Thanks also for the tips while I was setting up, I noticed you gave the seminar photographers a little extra attention while they were shooting, that was nice! Your information on directing models was useful also, in fact I found myself using it all afternoon. In a word the seminar was “Great”! Sincerely, ‘ ~Bill Russell, Photographer

‘Seth.. I have to tell you, Yesterday’s class in St Louis, MO before the shoot was amazing and I learned so very much from you. Mostly I would like to say that I was amazed at how down to earth you were and how nice you were! It was my honor to be in the same room.. let alone to learn from you! Thank you so much for taking your time to help fellow photographers.. you are a true gift! 🙂 xoxo love,’~Bellement Brise Photography

‘Seth, I can not believe how much my lighting improved from your class in St Louis, MO. I loved how you spoke in a way that we could understand. I had no knowledge at all of soft boxes except to have seen them. For you to explain how those different lights worked was a gift. It gave me ideas as to what to buy. I didn’t have a clue before. I have had no training what so ever. To hear you speak was just so wonderful. Me and God and thousand of hours! ‘  ~Shannon Edwards, Photographer

‘Seth..  I think that I may have gotten some of the best images I have ever taken, at this event!! Thanks for all the help.’~Kendall K. Krebs

‘Seth..  Had a great time! Very informative and hands on, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend attending to everyone!!!!  Thanks for the actions and plug in’s!! ‘ ~Bill Brucker Photography

‘THANK YOU SETH!! I’m just sorry we haven’t shot together sooner 🙂 you’re very professional and fun to work with! I love how much passion you have for photography!! :)’ ~Shannon Ihrke

‘Seth..  What I do is try to learn from every photographer to create my own style. I’m not sure if I really have a style, but I think my voice is consistent in a lot of my work. What you do is way beyond my comprehension so instead of trying to copy it like a lot of other photogs try doing, I just look at the composition and expression and take those points home as to what makes a good picture. I think so many photogs miss the “expression” and “feel” of images. There’s a feel that I like about your work that is independent of all the technical aspects of it.’ ~Daniel Patrick McBride

‘Seth, I was really impressed with your professionalism in Fayetteville, AR. That is and of it’s self a success and a measure of the caliber of who you are. I was very inspired. You were so helpful with me and focused on my needs that I was able to go to the next step of my understanding of lighting. The demonstration helped me tremendously as I was trying to make lighting harder than it should be. I am a visual learner and seeing how you set up a situation was very revealing to me. Also I liked how you articulated your thought process on how you shoot a subject. That is how I learn and that is something you do not get from a book. I loved the straight to the point delivery. Not overwhelming me with technical information and jargon. Thank you again Seth, it was a pleasure meeting you.’ ~Norma Davis, Photographer

‘Seth..  You are the hardest working photographer I know, man! Your stuff is fantastic. Not just saying that. You have a real feel for capturing the crowd and mood of the show.’ ~Phil Willoughby, Attorney at Law


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